Jul 08 2017

Circus Night Extravaganza

Come One, Come All!  Tuesday, July 18, 2017 @ 8:00 PM at the Wilson Park band shell!

It’s time for the Ludington Guard Band’s Annual Circus Night! Children, wear your circus costumes and dress your pets as well to parade across the stage, but please DON’T touch the Director!!! Rewards will be given for the kid’s parade and the pet parade judged by an honorary surprise judge. The smell from the popcorn vendor will be wafting through the park.  Delight in a choice (or two) from the Pie and Ice Cream sale held each week by various charitable groups.  The Band members love to watch the children and pets as they frolic at this Circus Night Concert.  Pam Cernocky, Alto Clarinet Player, remarked, “It is fun to watch the kids, costumes, pets, and families enjoying themselves!”  Cyndi Samson, French Horn, added, “I really appreciate the family friendly atmosphere of all of our concerts.  Menomonie is very special to have had this tradition continue for 129 years!”  Our tribute to the ancient and global circus will begin with the march that most people associate with the circus, The Entry of the Gladiators, by the Czech composer Julius Fucik, and after a whirlwind tour of all things  circus, it ends with a tribute to Disney.

Concert Music Agenda

  1. Entry of the Gladiators
  2. Selections from Barnum
  3. Go Galop (Pet Parade)
  4. Send in the Clowns
  5. Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay (Children’s March)
  6. Arabesque
  7. Allouette
  8. Prestissimo
  9. Phantom of the Opera
  10. Disney at the Movies

So come on down to the park to enjoy a slice of Americana that is usually reserved for paintings by Norman Rockwell.